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1813 – 1st federal vaccination legislation enacted.

1872 – Charlotte Ray, 1st African American woman lawyer in USA, graduates from Howard University.

1883 – Oscar Hammerstein patents 1st cigar rolling machine.

1922 – US Supreme Court unanimously upholds 19th amendment to the US Constitution – women’s right to vote.

1939 – Supreme Court outlaws sit-down strikes.

1941 – 13th Academy Awards: “Rebecca”, James Stewart & Ginger Rogers win.

1943 – The Smith Mine #3 in Bearcreek, Montana, explodes, killing 74 men.

1951 – 22nd amendment ratified, limiting US Presidents to 2 terms.

1963 – Mickey Mantle of NY Yankees signs a baseball contract worth $100,000.

1968 – 8th Daytona 500: Richard Petty comes from 2 laps down to win the event, after 198 laps were completed…because of rain.

1968 – CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite delivers a scathing editorial on American’s chances of winning the Vietnam War.

1974 – People magazine begins sales.

1981 – Greatest passenger load on a commercial airliner-610 on Boeing 747.

1990 – Exxon Corp and Exxon Shipping are indicted on 5 criminal counts (Valdez)

1998 – Apple discontinues development of the Newton computer.

2012 – Wikileaks begins disclosing 5 million emails from private intelligence company Stratfor.

2018 – Jared Kushner, son-in-law of President Trump, has his top-secret security clearance at the White House downgraded.

2019 – Michael Cohen, former lawyer to Donald Trump testifies before the House Oversight Committee saying Turmp is “racist”, a “con-man” and “a cheat”

2019 – Second summit begins between US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un in Hanoi, Vietnam.