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This Day in History for May 14

1787 – Delegates gather in Philadelphia to draw up US constitution.

1804 – Meriwether Lewis & William Clark’s expedition commissioned by Thomas Jefferson sets out from St. Louis for Pacific Coast.

1853 – Gail Borden, land surveyor, newspaper publisher and investor, patents his process for condensed milk.

1878 – Vaseline is granted a patent (U.S.Patent 127,568)

1908 – 1st passenger flight in an airplane.

1927 – The University of Chicago’s local collegiate organization, Phi Sigma, becomes incorporated under Illinois law as Eta Sigma Phi, the National Honorary Classical Fraternity.

1932 – “We Want Beer!” parade held in NY.

1940 – Boston’s Jimmie Foxx HR goes over Comiskey Park’s left field roof.

1945 – US offensive on Okinawa, Sugar Loaf conquered.

1948 – US grants Israel de facto recognition.

1949 – US President Harry Truman signs bill establishing a rocket test range at Cape Canaveral.

1961 – Bus with 1st group of Freedom Riders bombed & burned in Alabama.

1969 – Last Chevrolet Corvair built.

1973 – US Supreme Court approves equal rights to females in military.

1976 – Lowell Thomas ends 46 years as radio network reporter.

1988 – Carrollton bus collision: a drunk driver going the wrong way on Interstate 71 near Carrollton, Kentucky, hits a converted school bus carrying a church youth group. The crash and ensuing fire kill 27.

2005 – Former USS American (CV-66), a decommissioned supercarrier of the US Navy, deliberately sunk in the American Ocean after four weeks of live-fire exercises. Largest ship ever to be dispose of as a target in a military exercise.

2012 – Stanford University scientists develop prototype bionic eye.

2018 – Melanie Trump, wife of US President Trump, is treated in hospital for a benign kidney condition.

2018 – Boulder City Council of Colorado votes to ban assault weapons.

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