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This Day in History For November 26

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1832 – 1st streetcar railway in America starts operating in New York City, with a 12 cent fare.

1865 – “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll is published in America.

1898 – Snow and ice storm over US kills 455.

1916 – Addressing the Chamber of Commerce in Cincinnati, US President Woodrow Wilson declares that “The business of neutrality is over. The nature of modern war leaves no state untouched.”

1941 – Japanese naval carrier force left its base & moves east toward Pearl Harbor.

1942 – “Casablanca” directed by Michael Curtiz and starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman premieres at Hollywood Theater, NY (Academy Awards Best Picture 1943)

1948 – 1st Polaroid camera sold for $89.75 in Boston at the Jordan Marsh department store. The Land Camera model 95 becomes prototype for all Polaroid Land cameras for next 15 years.

1956 – “The Price is Right” debuts on NBC.

1960 – Minneapolis-St Paul baseball club takes the name Twins.

1963 – Cincinnati 2nd baseman Pete Rose wins NL Rookie of Year.

1968 – 34th Heisman Trophy Award: O.J. Simpson, Southern California (RB)

1973 – Nixon’s personal secretary Rose Mary Woods, tells a federal court she accidentally caused part of 18 1/2 minute gap in a key Watergate tape.

1984 – John W Mercom Jr announced New Orleans Saints are up for sale for $75 million.

1996 – Baseball owners approve interleague play, 26-4.

2003 – Supersonic airplane the Concorde makes its last ever flight, returning to Bristol, England.

2012 – The cost of Hurricane Sandy to New York is announced to be $32 billion.

2018 – NASA’s InSight mission lands on Mars after a 7-month voyage.

2018 – First multidrug rendomized control trial to treat Ebola started in Democratic Republic of Congo announced by the WHO.

2018 – General Motors announces it will close five factories in North America, cutting 14,000 jobs.