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Alabama 2, North Carolina 0 in the AAA Dixie Youth Minors World Series game played in Rustin, Louisiana last night. Today, North Carolina (Elizabethtown) vs Louisiana, game time, 4:30 p.m. Last night’s game was all about great pitching stopping good hitters. Line score … Alabama 2 runs on 5 hits. For North Carolina, 0 runs and just 2 hits. A well played game by both teams.

North Carolina won the battle of support. Must have been hundreds of messages of support, locally, statewide and beyond. All or most were mentioned by the announcers.

Win, lose or draw, two good teams. North Carolina drops into the loser’s bracket and it’s win or go home time. They have faced that before at the state level and pulled it out … maybe there is one more comeback. We will know shortly.

Bladen County Commissioners meet Monday, 6:30 p.m. … regular semi-monthly meeting. Open to all.

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July 2019: 241,689
June 2019: 239,890

July 2019: 97,908
June 2019: 91,993


6,242: Four month-old kidnapped by Juanita Askew

3,743: Dad kills daughter, son, himself and wounds another

2,755: Narcotics arrest around Bladenboro Middle School

2,403: FBI puts Abby Lynn Patterson on Most Wanted List for Missing Persons

2,347: Newly renovated restaurant now open

2,332: Niki Dennis, Bladen County Clerk of Court, warns citizens about scam

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