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Thoughts While Shaving

Thoughts While ShavingTwo of my heroes are retiring. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Kenny Rogers.

First time I saw Dale, Jr. in action was at the Myrtle Beach, SC Speedway where he and sister, Kelly were racing on Saturday night. The story was Dale, Sr. provided a car for each, but it was their responsibility to keep it running. No idea if that was true or not. Both struggled at times, but never gave up.

For the record, both were racing against Robert Hester (now Hester Trucking of Bladenboro). Robert and brother Reynold were Myrtle Beach track champ years ago, driving Elizabethtown based Merritt Logging late model autos, if my memory is correct.

And, 78 year old Kenny Rogers reportedly is on a farewell tour after 60 years of entertaining. One more deal for the gambler. I can hear him now, “You got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run. You never count your money while your sitting at the table. There will be time for countin’, when the dealins’ done”.

Stumbled across a story recently about a 112 pound catfish pulled from the Cape Fear River. Riahn Brewington reportedly hooked the massive catfish. “I didn’t realize how big he was until I actually got my hands underneath him.” Not sure where, but the story had a Wilmington dateline. The record for a Cape Fear catfish is 117 pounds, according to the article.

I’m gonna be the best dad that ever lived. I’ll have a ranch with a race car track and a golf course. Jeremy London

In most daily journalism, you only fact-check something if it seems a little fishy. Ira Glass

Most smiles are started by another smile. Frank A. Clark

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