Thoughts While Shaving
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Thoughts While ShavingInteresting stat on one of the local TV weathercast recently, you may have seen as well. Over 50 inches of rain has been recorded in Wilmington so far this year. Lumberton has recorded just over 20 inches, my guess is Bladen in the low to mid 20s with the eastern portion of the county recording a slightly higher total.  The average annual rainfall in Bladen is near 50 inches.

Ever feel your day is consumed by social media, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram and more?  They are wonderful sources for info, but  can be addictive.

Unemployment rate is low, and more jobs are available.  Still waiting on an announcement of a new industry in the Clarkton area, should be coming soon, about 100 jobs.  Smithfield Foods is adding a couple of hundred or more and there are others.  If training is needed, Bladen Community College is a great source, full-time or part-time.  Enroll now for the fall session.

Congratulations to our local law enforcement.  Many have been arrested for illegal drug activity, and more will be.  Pick’em up, lock’em up.  Don’t want to hear, I couldn’t find a job.  There are more jobs available in the area today than ever.  And, dealin’ in drugs is a dangerous profession.

Heartbreak is difficult to overcome, regardless of the cause.

There are many really good restaurants in the area.

Small business people are people with goals and values that can’t b calculated on a profit and loss statement.  Linda McMahon

As any small business owner knows, starting a business is not glamorous work.  Kevin McCarthy

In America, small business is a big deal.  Bob Beauprez

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