Thoughts While Shaving
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Thoughts While Shaving


Breaking hard news is not what I normally do, but, feel I must….

Al Scoggins, our long time neighborhood Mr. Fixit, died Saturday (yesterday).  According to his bride, Carolyn, he left home about 12 noon, unannounced and failed to return, after several hours she began to look for him.  He was found mid to late afternoon, dead in what appeared to be an accident, while ‘cutting up’ a downed tree, a tree he planned to used in his outside wood burning heater.  More news later.  And, again, I share because on a weekend, sometimes news travels slower.  He was a friend to all who’s path he crossed.  Keep his  family in your thoughts and prayers…Arrangements will be announced later….

I should stop here, but will continue……

Bladen County Commissioners will meet a couple of times tomorrow (Monday), a Special Meeting is planned for 5 PM that will deal with the topic of – Dementia Friends Initiative Training, with Kelly Robeson, Bladen County’s Division on Aging Director providing info.

The regular meeting is set for 6:30 PM and the first action item will be the election of Board Officers for the coming year, a Chairman and Vice Chairman, with a full agenda to follow…Meetings are open to the public.

Page views for BladenOnline were off slightly in November, at 521,670, however for the first 11 months of the year there has been double digit percentage increases for page views, visits and users.  BladenOnline has already set records for page views, visits and users in a calendar year.  November was the 14th consecutive month that BO has surpassed 500,000 page views, and the online newspaper is less than 350,000 page views from surpassing 7 million for 2018.


13,962: Bladen County election results

6,097: Bladen County Sheriff’s Office make narcotics patrol arrests

5,451: New police chief takes oath in Bladenboro

5,158: Narcotics arrests made in county

4,520: Bladen church damaged by gunfire

3,972: Retiring after 30 years of service (Sgt Rodney Hester)

Again, Thanks…and please keep the Scoggins family in your thoughts and prayers.

The impersonal hand of government can never replace the helping hand of a neighbor.  Hubert Humphrey

A good neighbor is a very desirable thing.  Thomas Jefferson

A good neighbor makes a hug difference in the quality of life. I agree.   Robert Fulghum

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