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thoughts while shavingYesterday’s high was 74 … reached that high between 4:30 and 5 p.m. Temp was in the upper 50s near midnight…

Today … Mostly sunny with a high near 77 and a gentle southwest breeze, 3 to 5 mph. Saturday night, mostly cloudy with a low around 54. Sunday (Church Day), mostly sunny with a high near 80 … Sunday night, mostly clear with a low around 57.

Temps for the upcoming week … upper 80s, with a high near 90 on Thursday … Next best chance of precipitation is Friday, sunny with a high near 89 and 30% chance of rain.

Stock market was strong yesterday … Great for all, especially retirees … surviving off retirements and Social Security…

Headline worth sharing … Tobacco settlement pays state $139 million, NC’s share under the Tobacco Master Agreement … So how is it used? It was an agreement reached in 1998 to settle claims that tobacco companies targeted children with their advertising and hid the addictive nature and harmful health impact of cigarettes. Our political leaders will “dole” it out it in upcoming budgets … Golden Leaf Foundation will receive $17.5 million to support economic growth in NC.

Remember when, as a youngster, if you were lucky, may receive a baseball card with candy or just a pack of cards … Today, worth big bucks … 1952 Mickey Mantle Topps valued at $12 million … 2009 Bowman card of Mike Trout … going for $4 million … and a ’54 Topps Hank Aaron card … in perfect condition … $358,000 … There are many more … must be in perfect condition for top bucks … Some of us used them up listening to them “click” in our bike spokes…

Ever think about where our “trash” goes after it is collected … Local governments provide the sites … We dump, they dispose of it, in many different ways depending on the type of garbage … It’s a necessary service paid for by mine and your local tax dollars … We sometimes forget…

So sad to see obits for folks we grew up with, some gone too soon … Pray for their families … We all hurt…

“A real team is a group of very different individuals with varying backgrounds who enjoy working together and who respect, care and trust one another.”

“Speak positive words into your life every single morning. Think big. Think healing. Think of success. Think peace. Think of happiness. Think of a growth mindset. Always start the day with positive energy. You deserve it.”

“We are more powerful when we empower each other.”

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