Thoughts While Shaving
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Last few days of One-Stop (early voting) for 2020 election. Total votes as of closing time yesterday nearing 2000, actually 1482 as of close of day on Sunday … and good turnout Monday (yesterday) … Over 20,000 registered voters in the county … less, than 10% have cast their ballot. Primary election scheduled for Tuesday, March 3 … (a week from today) … at all 17 precincts.

I checked 2016 voting numbers recently … 8,253 voted in that primary election or about 39% of eligible voters. Sad. … Vote for the candidate of your choice, just vote…

Remember years ago … no voting machines and ballots were tabulated one at a time … by mostly volunteers. … One person called out the names marked on the ballot and two others tabulated. … Not unusual for winners to be determined in the wee hours of the morning following election day … Before a goodly number of witnesses … Kinda like a big party … See folks from all over the county…

Now … machines are downloaded and unless there is an unusual issue somewhere, winners determined long before midnight … and they should be.

Stock market dramatically lower yesterday … Worldwide flu epidemic was blamed … China and other far east countries hardest hit. Numbers are rising in the US and travelers from abroad are being quarantined for a couple of weeks. Businesses are closed in many countries as health providers attempt to halt the virus … Death count continues to rise.

Temp at 4:30 this A.M. was 55 degrees … 48 hours earlier … Sunday morning at about the same time temp was 32. … Love calling Bladen County home…

High today near 70 with showers likely and winds gusting as high as 20 mph. 80% chance of rain, but totals expected to be less than a tenth of an inch…

“To deceive a diplomat speak the truth, he has no experience with it.” Greek proverb

“Never test the water with both feet.” Proverb

“If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room.” Proverb

robert g hester