Thoughts While Shaving
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I know the trees are beautiful when they begin to turn green and flowers begin to bloom, but the naked trees are as well … Enjoy peeping out the window at the landscape, never more beautiful … guess I seldom just stop and enjoy the beauty all around…

US House of Representatives expected to approve the changes in the COVID-19 stimulus bill, and there is no doubt President Biden will sign … Hope it does what is needed to provide relief for those ‘hurting’ … For some, the economy is going well, but there are so many who are suffering…

Happy to see where those in the know, are saying if you have been vaccinated, you can share time with others that have been as well … without a mask…

Top hits on the Billboard 200, March 1971 … 50 years ago…
Me and Bobby McGee, Janis Joplin
She’s a Lady, Tom Jones

Top Country tunes … same time…
When You’re Hot, You’re Hot, Jerry Reed
Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’, Charlie Pride

Top R&B … March 1971
Let’s Stay Together, Al Green
Family Affair, Sly & the Family Stone

17 million viewers watched Oprah Winfrey’s Prince Henry and Meghan interview Sunday night … netted her $7 million … according to published reports…

“Surely after a milkshake has been shaken, shouldn’t if be called a milkshook?” Leo M

“If a book about failures doesn’t sell, is it a success?” Jerry Seinfeld

“Water is the most essential element in life, because without it you cannot make coffee.” Karen Salmansohn

robert g hester