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By: Erin Smith
This week’s trending articles once more include the latest news regarding the search for those responsible for the devastating terrorist attacks in Paris, France; college athletes using social media to connect with fans; refugee policy discussions, and articles that marvel at the comeback of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series 2015 Champion Kyle Busch, to name a few things. 
We have been told how France and Belgium are working together to locate those responsible and bring them to justice. 
We’ve also learned how refugee policies are being impacted 
We’ve  learned about how NCAA college football teams are using social media to help fans connect.
Congratulations to Kyle Busch for his amazing comeback to win a championship after missing 11 races with a broken leg and foot.
The impact of Marco Rubio’s 2013 budget deal is beginning to show in its effect on Obamacare. 
Peyton looks to be out of action for at least another two weeks. 
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