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Officials with UNC Health Southeastern are urging the public to visit their family physician or use local clinics for all health conditions not requiring emergency care as currently all staffed beds at the medical center are occupied and patients seeking admission are facing delays.

“We are urging our community to evaluate their health care needs to determine the most appropriate place from which to seek care at this time,” said Jason Cox, UNC Health Southeastern Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “Persons with true emergencies, such as trauma or chest pain, should not hesitate to come in for emergency care. Patients who do seek care from the emergency department will be treated in order of the seriousness of their condition. Individuals who seek emergency care for minor health issues will likely face extensive delays.”

Individuals who feel they may be sick and need to seek non-emergency medical care may visit a Southeastern Health primary care or walk-in clinic. The walk-in clinics include: Southeastern Health Mall Clinic on the campus of Biggs Park Mall, Southeastern Multi-Specialty and Urgent Care Pembroke, and Southeastern Multi-Specialty and Urgent Care Whiteville. For a complete clinic listing with hours and phone numbers, logon to www.southeasternhealth.org

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