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By Erin Smith

Bladen County Emergency Management officials are still working Saturday evening to remove a vehicle from the Cape Fear River near Tar Heel. As of 7 p.m., the vehicle still had not been removed from the river.

Two men who were fishing on Friday evening noticed tire tracks that led down a bank and into the river.

On Friday, Lumberton Water Rescue used sonar to locate the vehicle in the water. First Responders and Water Rescue teams returned to the site on Saturday morning and began to devise a plan to remove the vehicle.

The make and model of the vehicle is still not known.

According to reports, Emergency Management officials believe the vehicle to have been stolen.

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Two people were fishing on Friday afternoon near the Cape Fear River at Tar Heel when they noticed tire tracks leading into the river.

Bladen County Fire Marshal Kenneth Clark said Bladen County Water Rescue and Lumberton Water Rescue are in route to the boat ramp in Tar Heel. They are expected to use side scan sonar in an attempt to locate the vehicle.

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“We are going to see what we can see (from the sonar),” said Clark.

Clark said Emergency Management currently does not know when the vehicle entered the water nor who owned the vehicle.

Clark said about five years ago a vehicle backed off the boat ramp and while attempting to get that vehicle out of the water a second submerged vehicle was found. The second vehicle was reported stolen and was involved in a murder in Fayetteville.

Bladen County Water Rescue, Lumberton Water Rescue, Bladen County Sheriff’s Office, and the North Carolina Highway Patrol all responded to the scene.

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