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Clarkton, NC – Introducing new culture is part of education. Clarkton School of Discovery is excited to announce Velvet Caravan will be performing at the local school soon.
Rooted in the Gypsy Jazz/Gypsy Swing and Latin Swing styles, this high-energy, acoustic-based quintet of guitar, violin, stand-up bass, percussion and keyboards (including accordion) has emerged as one of the shining lights of Savannah’s burgeoning music scene. This band plays upbeat tunes from all over the world with thunderous virtuosity and relentless sense of humor.  Bringing together the eclectic sounds are a motley crew of super talented musicians from Venezuela, Serbia, Austin TX, Iowa, Boston MA, and Southern Georgia according to Ms. Jennifer Marlowe, a teacher at the local school.  
“The unique band will perform Thursday, March 16th at 1:45pm for our student body of Clarkton School of Discovery,” Marlowe said. “This eclectic band rocks the stage with some familiar tunes in their own style,” She continued.
Parents are welcome to pop in and join us for this afternoon of fun and music!

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