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Perspective By Norgie Hester
Patricia Augustine, along with son Billy Augustine, recently took over ownership and management of Vineyard Golf At White Lake. If the past few days are any indication of what is in the future…it is going to be bright. There is a lot of activity around the course. The dead trees are being hauled off along with generally getting the course in pristine condition.
A few years back Bill Augustine of New Jersey bought the course from a financial group from California. The course had been closed for a few months, and as you might imagine, it was quite a mess. Mr. Augustine, when he bought the course, announced that he would be reopening it within two months. The old golf heads around Bladen County thought that the man was insane…it couldn’t be done. What did they know? Mr. Augustine worked day and night, and with the help of son Billy and numerous employees from his blueberry farm, had his opening two months after buying the course. Mr. Augustine made the statement that he would have the finest course in North Carolina. He installed mini verde bermuda greens that worked well with the hot summers we have in North Carolina. The entire course was brought up to par and opened in that fall. Not long after opening, the course was crowded. It has become a great success and a jewel for Bladen County. We owe a debt of gratitude to Bill Augustine. Without his determination and foresight the course might have never gained the great reputation that it now enjoys.
The new ownership has shown that they will continue to keep Vineyard Golf At White Lake among the finest courses in the state….and a shining diamond for Bladen County.

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