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By Nicole Smith

In January of this year, Charlotte Smith and I came up with the idea for a weekly cooking video.  We wanted to engage more with our audience, and hopefully help out with one question that gets asked every day… “What’s for dinner?”

In February, we published our first video on YouTube.  It was, as you may have guessed, a Valentine’s Day Dinner episode.

Since making that first video, we both have learned a lot, and definitely become more comfortable with the whole process.  Our videos have transformed over the months from a simple “how-to” for recipes to also movie suggestions, sewing tips, stories from our childhood, and all kinds of things in-between.

We encourage our viewers to comment with any tips, suggestions, or requests on any and all topics that we may discuss in our show, and enjoy receiving them!  We also welcome guests!

Each week we look forward to Tuesday night and making these videos together.  We enjoy the time spent, the laughter, and trying new things.  We always learn something we didn’t know before, be it about the meal we’re making, a new “internet hack”, or a fun fact about each other.

We love to make recipes based on themes or fun holidays.  “National Chili Day”, “National Grilled Cheese Day”, and a banana-themed video are just a few of the ones we’ve done so far.

So, we ask you, the audience…  What should we make next week?

View our entire Recipe Video playlist HERE, and tune in every Thursday for a new episode!

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