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New Report Shows PFAS Contamination More Widespread, With High Local Numbers

By: https://www.whqr.org/

The Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment, released a national report on PFAS contamination in water supplies. At the top of the list: Brunswick County, North Carolina. WHQR’s Vince Winkel spoke with one of the report’s authors.

David Andrews is a senior scientist at EWG and coauthored today’s report. The results appear to confirm that the number of Americans exposed to PFAS from contaminated water has been underestimated in other studies.

Vince Winkel: “Can you tell me how the study was conducted and were you testing water from the tap in households?”

David Andrews: “Right, so we collected water samples from 44 places in 31 states and the District of Columbia really just across the country, largely from significant metropolitan water systems, but really a range of different systems, including some that had previously reported contamination, including the Wilmington, North Carolina area, as well as Brunswick County, North Carolina, both of which were near the top of our list in terms of the contamination levels.” READ MORE

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