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Wildlife Commission Urges Hurricane Dorian Preparedness

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Given Hurricane Dorian’s potential path towards North Carolina, visit for the latest information on N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission facility, boat ramp and game land closures.

Game Land Closures

Many game lands east of Interstate 95 could be affected by high water, downed trees, and hazardous debris, due to Hurricane Dorian. In anticipation of this, Commission staff began closing some game land roads on September 3, and those roads will remain closed to vehicular traffic until they have each been evaluated after the storm and deemed to be safe and suitable for public use. These roads will remain open for pedestrian access, however, anyone who chooses to enter these game lands is urged to use extreme caution, as the conditions you may encounter will be largely unknown.

Game Land Permit Hunts

Those awarded game land permits with hunt dates in the coming weeks, in the affected region, are encouraged to visit prior to making the trip.

Vessel Registration Contact Information

In the event the Commission needs to contact you regarding your vessel, please ensure your contact information tied to your vessel registration is up-to-date. Please contact the Wildlife Commission, by calling 800-628-3773 or emailing, and provide your first and last name, vessel registration number, along with a request to update your contact information.

Vessel Security

If you are not able to move your boat to a safe location, ensure the boat is as secure as possible and take everything of value off the vessel, including electronics, fishing gear, ski equipment, etc.

Post-Hurricane Dorian Assessment

After the storm passes, Commission personnel will begin assessing the impacts and provide site-specific updates, as available, at

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