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LUMBERTON – East and West Bladen High Schools competed in the Three Rivers Conference on Wednesday at Luther Britt Park in Lumberton. East Bladen junior A. J. Smith finished fourth in the men’s first Three Rivers Conference cross country meet. In the women’s conference West Bladen’s Haley George finished third.

In the men’s division St. Pauls’ Triston Lupo won the 5,000 meter race with a time of 17 minutes 41 seconds. Smith completed the race in 19:10 minutes.

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East Bladen Coach Wilson Bolden and Principal Dr. Wray were out supporting their team at the meet.

Other East Bladen men runners, their places and times include: Efren Vargas, 15th, 22:32; Damondta Smith, 16th, 22:34; Aaron Todd, 21st, 23:32; Jake Lewis, 23rd, 24:14; Jakota Locklear, 24th, 24:30; Alex Todd, 25th, 24:50.

The lady eagles placed as follows: Cate DeVane came in 6th at 27.57, Rachel Horrey placed 9th at 28.34, Teronda Autry 16th at 31.10, Aniya McKoy 23rd at 35.51, Anaiyah Jackson 32nd at 37:33and Nacaela Melvin 33rd at 37:34

West Bladen Coach Brian McCleney was on sidelines supporting his team. West Bladen men runners in the meet were: Jacob Bryan, 32nd, 25:52; Owen Britt, 39th, 28:20.

The lady Knights finished very well. Haley George finished 3rd with 25.27.

Olivia Allen came in 14th at 31.01, Tinyaah Rhoda, 20th with 33.04, Azillyah McDonald 21st at 33.18, Ocean Woody 24th at 35.52, Cassi Humphrey 35th, 42:14, Hannah Pait 36th at 42:19, Leta Cain 38th, 42:34 and Angie Garrido-Perez 39th at 45:04.


The next Three Rivers meet will be Wednesday at Red Springs at 4:30.

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