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Raleigh, N.C. (August 24, 2023), Civic Credit Union (Civic) proudly announces the adoption of two beehives hosted at its headquarters in Raleigh, N.C. The two honeybee hives, each home to approximately 40,000 bees, will positively impact just under two thousand acres of the local ecosystem. And talk about sweet rewards—the honey produced will go to employees.

The advantages of hosting beehives include that honeybees are leading pollinators of flowering plants and are pollinator “generalists,” meaning they pollinate a wide variety of species. The bees hosted at Civic will improve the neighboring community’s ecosystem by pollinating plants in parks and gardens while promoting fruiting and seed production.

Civic partners with Bee Downtown, a local sustainability and development organization. The honey produced will be collected and bottled for the employees to enjoy. The initiative and partnership align with a commitment to the environment, a focal point within the mission and values of Civic. The project also promotes employee engagement, as employees are invited to tour a hive and participate in other learning programs facilitated by Bee Downtown twice a year.

This year, along with hosting honeybee hives, Civic has installed a 272-panel solar array that produces 159,492-kilowatt hours annually, or ~15% of the power needs at our headquarters. Other sustainability efforts at Civic include:

  • Associate Membership in the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV)
  • Working from Gold toward Platinum LEED certification for its headquarters facility
  • Chartering an internal Values Committee tasked with assessing and supporting a sustainability-centric, values-based business strategy
  • Installing four electric vehicle charging stations at its headquarters, open for public use
  • Partnering with local nonprofits, government entities and aligned associations to support community initiatives and learn best practices in the sustainability space
  • Educating staff and members on successful sustainability.

Adding the hives is another example of Civic’s commitment to values-based banking model, which promotes using finance in service to people and the planet, driving economic advantage, growth and household prosperity through socially responsible, accessible finance, governance and transparency. For more information about Civic Credit Union’s values-based mission, visit www.civicfcu.org.

As North Carolina’s first digital credit union, Civic is a member-led-organization that serves local government employees, their families, and small businesses. Created in 2018, Civic has reimagined financial services ‘beyond the branch’ and expanded access to financial services for people across the state using a secure app and web technology for anytime and convenient banking options. The Credit Union designs products and services which empower people to achieve financial goals, increase financial wellness, and in turn, create stronger communities. Headquartered in Raleigh, Civic serves all 100 North Carolina counties from its LEED Gold-certified building.

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