• 4:11 pm Bladen County: Thursday there is a concert and Friday there is a movie night
  • 1:58 pm Wanted: Lonnie Williams, Second suspect in child abduction
  • 1:41 pm Bladen County Schools and Smithfield Foods Unveils Bladen County Reed and Feed unit
  • 1:24 pm Bladen County School Board is asked to have a vote on silent graduations
  • 12:08 pm Successful blood drive leads to another

Bladen Community College received an approval letter on February 20th for the Bladen Early College. College officials are now waiting to learn how much funding will come from the North Carolina General Assembly for the proposed school.

The Early College also known as Cooperative Innovative High Schools target students who are at risk for dropping out of high school, who are first generation college students, or students who would benefit from accelerated learning, according to the NC Department of Public Instruction. Currently in North Carolina, there are 116 Cooperative Innovative High Schools and 80 partnerships, according to NC DPI.

This year, Bladen Community College will have 20 graduates who will be completing their high school education and receiving their associate degree. Prior to that, the college had one graduate last year and one the year prior who completed both.

Bladen Early College is anticipated to open in 2018.