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In a remarkable display of community support and philanthropy, Black’s Tire Service Inc. successfully hosted its annual benefit golf tournament on September 14, raising well over $200,000 for the Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina. This charitable endeavor, which has become a tradition for the company, continues to make a substantial impact on the lives of children in need.

Since its inception, this annual golf tournament has been a beacon of hope for the Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina, having raised more than $1.5 million in total contributions. The tireless dedication of the Black’s Tire team is evident as they spend the entire year planning for this event, with every penny raised going towards the betterment of these children’s lives.

The Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina, the beneficiary of this generous endeavor, plays a crucial role in providing comprehensive support to children in the region. Their services encompass residential and community-based programs that cater to the physical, emotional, social, educational, and spiritual development of these young individuals.

Ricky Benton, speaking on behalf of Black’s Tire Service Inc., expressed immense pride in the collaborative efforts that made this achievement possible on the company’s website. He stated, “We are so proud of our Black’s Tire families, vendor partners, and customers. Thanks to all the BTS Tire & Wheel partner dealers, vendors, and friends. You help us make a difference in these children’s lives.”

The impact of their charitable efforts was underscored by the recent announcement on the BTS company’s Facebook page, revealing a record-breaking donation of $201,523.00 for the children. This remarkable achievement serves as a testament to the dedication and hard work of the Black’s Tire team.

But their commitment to making a difference doesn’t stop with this event. The Black’s Tire team remains engaged throughout the year in fundraising activities. Those interested in joining and supporting their cause are encouraged to contact Amy at 910-642-4123.

In closing, Ricky Benton emphasized the ongoing need for support, saying, “The work is never done as these children and situations need our support. Thanks again and God bless everyone that had a part in giving back.”

For more information about the impact that The Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina is making in the lives of children, please visit their website at https://boysandgirlshomes.org. This annual golf tournament exemplifies the power of community unity and the profound difference that can be made when individuals and organizations come together to support a noble cause.

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