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Bladen Commissioners Vote To Put Sales Tax Referendum on March Ballot

CommishThe Bladen County Board of Commissioners met on Monday night and discussed adding the quarter-cent sales tax referendum to the March primary ballot. The funds will be used to reduce the property tax by “at least two cents.”

Bladen County Commissioners Chairman Charles Ray Peterson gave each commissioner a moment to speak for or against the resolution.

Commissioner Michael Cogdell said that a quarter-cent sales tax referendum has been tried in North Carolina 106 times and only passed a handful of times.

“Everyone who passed it the language was very specific and detailed about how it was to be spent,” said Cogdell.

He said he would like to see a resolution specifying the funds would go towards EMS, the schools and be evenly distributed among them.

Commissioner Delilah Blanks said that she felt the voters have already spoken.

“I pay attention to what they say,” said Blanks.

She added that she understands the sales tax is to be used to reduce the property tax by two cents. Blanks said she would not support it unless it is specified how the money will be used.

Commissioner Arthur Bullock said if the board moves forward with the resolution, it should specify the funds will be used for EMS and Education.

Commissioners Jimmie Smith, Billy Ray Pait, Russell Priest and Daniel Dowless all said they support placing the measure on the ballot.

Peterson said, “It is time to give back to the people that carry burden.”

He said he favored the referendum as well.

The resolution to place the quarter-cent sales tax on the March ballot  passed 6-3 in a show of hands vote with Cogdell, Bullock and Blanks casting the only no votes.

Spending for Sales Tax if passed…
The Bladen County Board of Commissioners are planning to re-try the Sales Tax referendum. We want to know how you would like to spend the sales tax money if it were to be passed.

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