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by Danna Martínez

Today is the Take a Walk in the Park Day! Spring begins, the heat arrives, the flowers bloom, and a park is a happy place. It’s time to take a break from the daily routine, put on the most comfortable clothes, and go to the park. Alone, with friends or family, enjoy the day. These are the parks in Bladen County:

  1. Bladen County Park
  2. Lloyd Park Elizabethtown Parks & Recreation
  3. Tory Hole Park
  4. Suggs Mill Pond State Gamelands
  5. Turnbull Creek Educational State Forest
  6. Jones Lake State Park
  7. Bladen Lakes State Forest
  8. Singletary Lake State Park
  9. Brown’s Creek Bike Trail
  10. Tar Heel Community Park
  11. Clarence McLean Park
  12. Wateree Park
  13. Park Shore’s Campground
  14. EJ Cox Park
  15. Bay Tree Lake State Natural Area
  16. Singletary Lake Group Camp
  17. Greene’s Pond Cabins & RV/Camper Camp
  18. Cape Fear ATV Park
  19. A&E Johnson Park and Cemetery
  20. White Lake Water Park
  21. Leinwand’s Park
  22. Brown’s Creek Nature Trail and Bike Park

Here are some reasons why you should go for a walk:

  • Outdoor activities help us to distract and relax.
  • Walking improves circulation, helps prevents heart disease, increases heart rate, lowers blood
  • pressure, and strengthens the heart.
  • The nature spaces are inviting to run, jump and move freely.
  • Enhance motor skills and get more balance doing physical activity at the park.
  • Breathing clean air helps to protect from possible respiratory diseases.
  • Walking increases immunity to viruses and bacteria.
  • A good walk improves sleep and mood.
  • Burn calories and lose weight.
  • Help develop better creativity.
  • Walking relieves joint pain.

Take a Walk in the Park Day not only encourages people to go for a walk, but this day is also dedicated to the people who give their time and effort to the fight against health problems and diseases.


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