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Business Magazine has published a list of 125 privately owned companies in North Carolina for 2019. Among those companies are some that have a footprint in Bladen County. They are:

No. 15: Goldsboro Milling Company. Goldsboro Milling Company is one of the nation’s biggest pork producers and also raises blueberries on 700 acres in Bladen and also owns farmland in the county.

No. 25: Prestage Farms. Prestage Farms is in the pork and poultry production business.

No. 28: Sampson-Bladen Oil Co. Sampson-Bladen is a distributor of petroleum products and operates convenience stores in the state.

No. 46: Boddie-Noell Enterprises. Operates a string of Hardee’s Restaurants.

No. 51: Liberty Healthcare. Owns the state’s largest string of rest homes.

No. 52: Murphy Family Ventures. In the hospitality business, farming and boatmaking.