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Campbell Oil Company Administrative Assistant To the CEO/President-Elizabethtown NC

Administrative Assistant To the CEO/President-Elizabethtown NC

Close Date: Monday 11/6/2017
Mission Statement:
 We at Campbell Oil Company will work diligently to provide each and every customer with
an Exceptional Customer experience, providing Superior Products at Competitive Prices,
backed by the Personal Service that we have learned from Three Generations of hard work.
The basis of our longevity has been to provide a Family oriented, Collaborative work
environment where Feedback is valued, Team Work is critical and where Respect and
Support are given as we all seek to provide for our Families.
Job Title & overall Corporate Info:
 Administrative Assistant – to the Company President/CEO
 This Position will report directly to: the President and CEO
 Corporate Overview: The Company has 4 Operating Divisions that are as follows:
o C-Store Division (31 Stores Branded Marathon, Sunoco and BP)
o Fast Food Service Division (comprised of (2) Arby’s, (12) Little Caesars and (1)
Dairy Queen Location) Growth Plans are to build 4 New Sites per Year.
o Wholesale/Commercial Fuels Division (4 Distribution Locations/Centers)
o Lubricants Division (major Brands are Shell, Phillips, Total & Petro Canada)
o Finance/Accounting Division (Support Division)
o Human Resource Division (Support Division)
 Current Employee count is 600 +/-
Key Metric(s) and Goal(s):
 PROVIDING SUPPORT = to the CEO/President of the Company.
Key responsibilities include:
 DAILY: Manage the President’s Schedule by making appointments and scheduling these
appointments on the President’s Calendar. This may also include making Travel
Reservations, etc……
 DAILY: Take detailed notes during meetings that are attended with the President. This
includes defining timelines and goals for each meeting item/task. This also may include
attending meetings in which the President cannot attend.
 DAILY: Assisting other Management with specific tasks.

 DAILY: Maintain the Calendar for the Aircraft Dry Leasing Division. This will be done in
coordination with the Pilot(s).
 DAILY: Answer and Direct any phone calls while the President is out of the office.
 DAILY: Assist in preparation for regular meetings to include Agendas, Meeting Materials,
 DAILY: Develop and Maintain a Filing System for tracking tasks, meetings and notes. This
should include using Technology as much as possible.
 DAILY: Maintain Contact lists for Company Contacts.
 DAILY: Provide General Support to Visitors.
 DAILY: Run errands for both Company and President.
 DAILY: Prepare and modify documents, memos, emails, etc. for the President.
 WEEKLY: Help prepare Weekly Reports for the President
 MONTHLY: Handling all Billing and Invoicing for the Aircraft Dry Leasing Division.
This includes the use of an automated Accounting/Billing System.
 MONTHLY: Help CEO with any Month End work related to the Financial Packet that
needs to be sent to Shareholders.
 QUARTERLY: Prepare packets for the Advisory Board Meeting and then distribute to each
Member 1 week prior to meeting. Also, prepare Board Room for these meetings to include
Drinks, Refreshments, etc…..
 ANNUALLY: Handle the coordination of all the Company Christmas Gifts for the
Customers and our Employees. This will be done in coordination of the Division Managers.
 ANNUALLY: Handle the coordination and details of the Company Christmas Party.
Ideal Experience and Qualifications:
 Bachelor’s Degree (preferred but not required)
 5-Year’s Admin Asst. Experience (preferred but not required)
 Strong communicator with both Internal and External stakeholders/customers.
 Passion for working with People.
 Committed to the Company’s Core Values and Mission Statement
 Pleasant and Easy to get along with
 Technology Proven and Trained
 Knowledge of Software such as: Microsoft Office, Outlook, Excel, Word, Publisher, Power
Point, Google Calendar, etc…..
 Attention to detail and problem solving skills.
 Embraces Continuous Improvement and will seek classes and/or seminars that promote this
continued improvement.
 Ability to juggle multiple tasks at once
 Must be able to maintain a Professional and Positive Attitude at all times.
Other Personal Characteristics:
 Thoughtful person that cares about their fellow man.
 Driven for Success and Goal Attainment
 Sets and achieves goals; delivers outstanding measurable results

 Absolute personal integrity and credibility
 Strong, clear, direct communication style
 Independent worker that needs little to no oversight
General Benefits & Compensation Info:
 Competitive Pay / Salary 401K and Profit Sharing/Vac/Sick/Health Ins

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