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Clarkton May Get Electronic Gaming Business

By Erin Smith

Clarkton may be getting an electronic gaming establishment in the near future, according to Town Clerk Kentrina Woods.

She told the Clarkton Town Board on Tuesday night a new tenant in town may be considering opening up a video gaming business.

Woods said, “Tim (Tart) came in and he said he had rented this building over here next to us (town hall). He’s rented it to somebody, basically, and they are going to open up a internet sweepstakes, so they may be getting in contact with you.”

Woods added, no one has been to town hall as of Tuesday to inquire about opening a new business.

“I just wanted to give you a heads up,” said Woods.

Woods did not name Tart’s new tenant. Tart, who is a former town commissioner and had addressed the board earlier in the meeting, left prior to the discussion of the electronic gaming ordinance.

Town Attorney Cliff Hester said he had reviewed the town’s ordinance on electronic gaming.

“The town needs to have somebody make sure they comply with all of the provisions (of the town’s ordinance),” said Hester.

Linda Croom a member of the audience pointed out the ordinance states an electronic gaming business has to be a certain distance from churches, schools, residences and such.

Woods replied the ordinance states a video gaming business cannot be within 300 feet of churches, day cares, parks or residential zoning. She pointed out to the board the ordinance does not mention public buildings such as the town hall.

“If they meet the requirements (of the ordinance) we have to let them open up,” said Town Commissioner Lawrence McDougald.

“We’ve got pretty strict requirements and he may be able to meet them,” said Hester.

Woods also reminded the board that the State of North Carolina ended the ability of municipalities to charge privilege license fees.

Hester told the board he will continue to review the town’s electronic gaming ordinance to ensure it complies with all of the general statutes and meets all of the State’s requirements.

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