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Winner Russell Erwin
Winner Russell Erwin

Russell Erwin won the pole and dominated the race. winning the 8th annual Oren Taylor Memorial Late Model event Saturday night at Dublin Motor Speedway. It was the second consecutive year that Erwin won the race named in memory of the late Oren Taylor, who opened the track in the late 1970s. Erwin won $3,000 for the race victory and pocketed an extra $200 for winning the pole and leading at the halfway mark of the race.

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In the Open Wheel Modified division, John Marshall won for the second straight week, picking up the $1,500 top prize.

Other winners were Jerry Johnson in Super Street, Dustin Watkins in Pure Stock and Mark Dean in U-Car. It was Johnson’s fifth win of the season at Dublin. It was Dean’s third win in U-Car.

The next racing program at Dublin is scheduled Saturday, June 27.

Dublin Motor Speedway results

Late Models: 1, Russell Erwin; 2, Shaun Sewell; 3, Ben Watkins; 4, Robbie Turner; 5, Zach Cox; 6, Ryder Hammond; 8, Calleen Hammond; 9, Timmy Montgomery; 10, Keith Jacobs; 11, Dean Bowen; 12, Daoulton Wilson; 13, Willie Milliken; 14, Cameron Norris IV; 15, Johnny Pridgen.

Open Wheel Modifieds: 1, John Marshall; 2, Bryan Anderson; 3, Wayne Gray; 4, Billy Workman Jr.; 5, Brandon Marshall; 6, Chuck Cole; 7, Chris Parker; 8, Robert Poole; 9, Steve Strickland; 10, Slater McCray; 11, Eddie Bullard; 12, Andy Boahn; 13, Dennis Brewer; 14, Mack Coxe; 15, Josh Daniels; 16, Rocky Gasque.

Super Streets: 1, Jerry Johnson; 2, Tommy Sing; 3, Johnny Moore; 4, Greg Spivey; 5, Chris Powers; 6, Scott Patterson; 7, Billy Marsh; 8, David Royal; 9, Trace Milliken; 10, Kyle Freeman.

Pure Stocks: 1, Dustin Watkins; 2, Daniel Johnson; 3, Michael Butler; 4, Devin Williamson; 5, Riley Lewis; 6, Robbie Williams; 7, Terry Sharp; 8, Larry Haney; 9, Anthony Yarborough; 10, Martin Sweat; 11, Elvin Matthews; 12, Travis Byrd.

U-Cars: 1, Mark Dean; 2, Joey Wilkes; 3, James Gardner; 4, Dillon Thompson; 5, Cameron Parks; 6, Lonnie Pitt; 7, Sarah Benson; 8, C.J. Locklear; 9, Marty Dean; 10, Steven Rowell.

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