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Elizabethtown Fire Department receives grant

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ElizabethtownFireDepartmentlogoThe Elizabethtown Fire Department has learned they are one of five recipients this year of a $1,000 grant for the NC Burned Children Fund.

Chief Nick West said the project is to assist with a fundraiser for the NC Burned Children’s Fund through the collection of aluminum cans. Chief West said the way it works, is the grant is to assist the department in obtaining a receptacle for the collection of aluminum cans which will be taken and sold to a recycling company. Chief West said the funds will then be given to the NC Burned Children’s Fund for the treatment of children with burn injuries.

Chief West said the Dublin Fire Department already has a receptacle at their fire department for the NC Burned Children’s Fund. He said the addition of a site at the Elizabethtown Fire Department will offer folks two locations where they can take their aluminum cans for recycling.

Chief West said Dan’s Golf Cars is assisting the fire department in the project.