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By Charlotte Smith

A single car accident on Wednesday ended in a fatality according to North Carolina Highway Patrol Officer Jason Weissinger. The accident occurred outside of Elizabethtown on Johnsontown Road off of Highway 242.

According to the report, the driver, Elizabeth Mary Watson, over corrected after veering off the road. After overcorrecting, the vehicle hit a tree and overturned. Watson was pronounced dead at the scene according to Weissinger.

Watson was 38 years old and an Elizabethtown resident. Her family has been notified. No other vehicles were involved in the accident.

North Carolina Public Safety issued the following tips about how to respond when a vehicle veers off pavement.

  • Do not immediately apply the brakes or try to turn back. You could skid, lose control and overturn.
  • Slowly remove your foot from the accelerator and steer straight ahead.
  • Allow the engine to slow the vehicle.
  • When the vehicle is stopped or nearly stopped, check for approaching traffic, and when it’s safe, gradually drive back onto the road.

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