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A Staff Report

Elizabethtown, NC – Food Lion, a trusted name in the grocery industry, is proud to announce the completion of an ambitious renovation project spanning five of its Wilmington-area stores. These newly revamped stores reflect an investment of over $50 million, contributing to the larger initiative of enhancing nearly 80 Food Lion locations. The renovations cater to an enriched shopping experience, aligning with the company’s commitment to meeting customers’ evolving needs.

The ribbon-cutting ceremonies for the newly renovated stores are scheduled for August 30, 2023, at 7:45 a.m. This marks a momentous occasion not only for Food Lion but also for the communities these stores serve. To celebrate, the first 100 customers in line will receive mystery gift cards worth up to $250, along with complimentary reusable shopping bags and trunk organizers.

These thoughtful renovations underscore Food Lion’s dedication to optimizing customer convenience, providing a fresh assortment of products, and incorporating cutting-edge technologies. The changes reflect a responsive approach to shoppers’ preferences and evolving lifestyle needs. Meg Ham, President of Food Lion, reiterated the brand’s commitment: “We are excited for our neighbors to experience a brand-new look and feel in their neighborhood Food Lion, while having more convenient grab-and-go items to make any meal and life a little easier.”

Elizabethtown Store Managers, Trey Worthington and Bucky Gatlin, highlighted some of the significant changes in the Bladen County store. They emphasized their focus on supporting local suppliers and expanding merchandise offerings. The Elizabethtown store now showcases 450 new items, with an expanded deli department. Adding a self-checkout station and an extra manned register aims to expedite the shopping process. The renovation also included plans for a seafood department that is anticipated to open in sync with the ribbon-cutting event.

Acknowledging the importance of community engagement, the Elizabethtown store plans to accommodate the attendance of notable local figures, including the Town Mayor, Sylvia Campbell, and representatives from the local fire and police departments. This spirit of community collaboration reinforces Food Lion’s deep-rooted connection with the towns it serves.

Among the remodel’s standout features are enhanced eCommerce capabilities, catering to the modern shopper’s preference for online convenience. The introduction of self-checkout lanes aims to streamline the checkout process, aligning with customer feedback and fostering an efficient shopping journey.

Furthermore, as part of its commitment to community welfare, Food Lion demonstrated its support for local feeding agencies by donating $6,000 in Food Lion gift cards to six organizations. These agencies distribute the gift cards to families in need, further strengthening Food Lion’s dedication to its neighbors.

The remodeled stores have not only amplified the customer experience but also embraced sustainability practices. Energy-efficient overhead LED lighting and refrigerated cases with doors contribute to the company’s environmental efforts.

Food Lion’s investment in these transformative renovations underscores its unswerving dedication to its customers’ satisfaction and well-being. As the doors swing open to these remodeled stores, the Wilmington community can anticipate a fresher, more convenient, and community-centered shopping experience.