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The serene grounds of Harmony Hall Village are opening up for a special Open Camp Weekend, offering a chance to escape the hustle and reconnect with nature and history. Harmony Hall Village President Emily M. Turner extends a warm invitation to the public for a weekend filled with activities, camaraderie, and the tranquil countryside.

This unique camping experience starts Friday night and continues until Sunday morning, enveloping guests in a relaxed atmosphere punctuated by engaging activities. The weekend begins with a Friday evening around the campfire, complete with storytelling that promises to enchant campers of all ages.

On Saturday, the day is a blend of leisure and contribution to the Village’s preservation. Campers will be able to engage in various projects around the grounds, lending a hand in preparation for the upcoming Harmony Hall Spring Reunion. Between tasks, there will be ample time to explore the historic buildings and enjoy guided tours of the houses.

Attendees can look forward to sharing hot dogs, s’mores, and snacks, all while basking in the warmth of good company under the stars.

Waking up on Sunday morning in Harmony Hall Village’s peaceful embrace offers a quiet moment to reflect before the weekend draws to a close.

Reservations are required for this enriching experience, the cost of which will be determined. In addition to enjoying the serene environment, volunteers are welcome to contribute to minor projects throughout the weekend—whether for a couple of hours or the entire stay.

Those interested in participating in this communal retreat can contact Turner for more details at 910-214-9992 or via email at harmonyhallwhiteoak@gmail.com. To learn more about Harmony Hall Village and its historical significance, visit their website at harmonyhallvillage.org. The Village is at 1615 River Road in White Oak, North Carolina, ready to welcome you to a memorable weekend.

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