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by Danna Martínez

Small but unmistakable. Reese’s pieces have reached the hands of thousands of people, mainly in the United States. Their chocolate-covered peanut butter flavor characterizes the little cups.


The creator of these sweets was Harry Burnett Reese, farmer, inventor, and businessman. The story tells that Harry worked on his dairy farm, providing milk to different companies. One day, he decided to start his own company in his own home. After several attempts, the company failed. Given the situation, Harry was forced to get a job. Even with the illusion of creating a candy that would amaze the world, he continued his experiments.


Finally, Harry kept his promise. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were born among a precaurious combination, later named after Reese’s pieces. In the beginning, penny cups were worth a penny. Currently, Reese’s Pieces are one of the leading products in the United States.


Reese’s are sold in various forms. From its original cup shape to cookies, peanut butter, bars, cereals, and even muffins.


Today is “I love Reese’s day.” In 2010, the Hershey brand, the current owner of Reese’s, launched a public petition to declare May 18, “I love Reese’s” day. About 40,000 people agreed.

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