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iPhone/iPad Tips and Tricks: Venmo, iPhone 7S/8 Rumors, Ding, Playstation Vue

By: Gordon Kinlaw

Walmart App Update

In my last newsletter, I wrote about the Walmart App and Walmart Pay. After a few weeks of using the app, I can say it works great so keep your cards in the card when you shop Walmart. I also switched my RX to Walmart and found that it is very convenient to refill your meds with the app.

Venmo App – free

If you are over 50, you likely have not heard of this app. It’s is the chosen app for social financial transactions of the younger generation – the debit card generation. Venmo is a no-cost way to send and request money with your friends or even businesses who happen to have the app. It works like PayPal in that you associate your Venmo account with your bank account. You do not have to use a bank account though, you can keep money in Venmo land bank.

The screenshot shows the social history aspect of the app. You can populate the list of Payees from your Facebook account.

Here’s examples: You go out to dinner with friends and decide to split the bill. One person pays with their debit card and the others send money immediately to the debit card user. Another use is to pay a friend back for a purchase or for your share in organizing a party or shower.

You can transfer the money from Venmo to your bank account after you receive it. Venmo is designed for using with known contacts so do not use purchases on places like Craigslist.

iPhone Rumors

Apple does not disclose it’s plans for phones or software until right before the releases. We know to expect a new phone model in September. The 7S models will have new features and as always a new OS to go with it. But it will have a new role this year as an “affordable” option to the iPhone 8 which should be released shortly after 7s September. Apple might also move up the 7S release to get the 8 release in for the Christmas season. iPhone 8’s are rumored to have some slick features and a solid gold price tag of around $1000. $1000 would be the straight out purchase price as compared to the $650 for current phones. Here are some of the rumored features of the 8.

• 5.8″ OLED display
• faster A11 processor
• all glass body- edge to edge
• no home button
• wireless charging
• camera & touch ID integrated into display
• higher level of waterproofing
• dual lens camera lenses like the plus model • (I just don’t see LONGER BATTERY LIFE)

Ding Doorbell – $117

Ding has not been shipped yet but it sounds like a pretty good idea. It’s advertised as a mid-level solution with not to many frills. It has a outdoor button/speaker, an indoor speaker device and an app for your phone. When someone rings the doorbell, you can talk with them on the speaker or your phone. Ding is Wifi connected, therefore you can take your doorbell alerts when you are away from home. No camera is included. Check the website for availability.

Most video doorbells are $199 but here’s an option: Zmodo Greet $69

Playstation Vueapp free – subscription $29.95 and up

Vue is the new kid on the block in TV streaming. You might as well try it cause that’s where the market is going. Basically no cable TV soon. Playstation Vue is not just for Playstation owners, Vue will work on more devices: Sony TV’s, Chromecast, Firesticks, ROKU’s, etc.

Vue is an alternative to cable & satellite TV except for major entertainment networks (NBC, CBS, ABC) which you can get with an over-the-air antenna like I have (Lava HD 8008 antenna). . Don’t know if you agree but there just isn’t much good content to view on the major networks at night so you might as well watch house flippers, old movies, DIY and sports. OTA TV is Free.

Below is a list of the channels in the smallest Vue package which will cost you $29.95/ mo. OTA Tv is Free.

This is an iPhone subject since there is an easy to use app where you find your channel and then send it to Chromecast. You can also just watch it on your phone. I added it to my phone and to the Amazon Firestick. My Samsung TV does not have the app but I’m sure they will expand soon.

The video quality is excellent so head on over to the website and sign up for a 30-day free trial. Your credit card is required because they will charge you for the subsequent months if you don’t cancel. You can have up to 5 devices streaming from one paid account.

The other streamers are: Sling TV, DirectTV Now and YouTube TV (not out yet)

ACCESS SLIM Package $29.85

ABC On Demand – PlayStation Vue doesn’t allow you to stream ABC live, probably because ABC has different programming on at the same time on different local affiliates across the country. You can, however, watch ABC network programming on demand.

FOX On Demand – As with ABC, PlayStation Vue will offer your FOX programming on demand (no local news broadcasts, though).

NBC On Demand – The last of three major networks that PlayStation Vue only offers on demand.

AMC – AMC airs movies as well as acclaimed original programming like Fear the Walking Dead.

Animal Planet – Animal Planet airs animal-themed programming, including reality shows, documentaries, and more.

BBC America – The American arm of Britain’s state-owned broadcaster. News, dramas, and more.

Bravo – Bravo airs reality TV and dramas, plus some movies.

Cartoon Network – As the name suggests, Cartoon Network airs cartoons aimed at children. At night, it becomes Adult Swim, which airs cartoons for adults and offbeat humor programs.

CNBC – CNBC is NBC’s business and finance news channel. CNN – CNN airs 24/7 news programming.

Destination America – Destination America brings its viewers American history, travel, and lifestyle programming.

Discovery – Discovery has its roots in science and nature programming. Much of the focus is now on reality programs related to those subjects.

Discovery Family – Discovery Family features children’s programming like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Disney Channel – Disney’s flagship channel airs original movies, children’s TV series, and more.

Disney Jr. – Disney Jr. offers similar programming to the Disney Channel, but is aimed at an even younger audience.

Disney XD – Disney XD offers programming that’s very similar to Disney Channel. It shows a bit more action-oriented stuff than the flagship channel does.

DIY Network – The DIY Network features programming about home improvement and other DIY projects, usually in the form of reality shows.

E! – E! is focused on celebrity and pop culture news. It airs reality shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians and news programs like E! News.
Gordon Kinlaw –
ESPN – ESPN is a giant of sports programming. It features news programs like SportsCenter as well as live sports coverage.

ESPN2 – ESPN2 offers more of the same from ESPN, including both news programs and live sports.

Esquire Network – Esquire Network is the TV arm of the men’s interest magazine Esquire. It airs original series and reality TV as well as a diverse group of syndicated shows that include Parks & Rec and The A-Team.

Food Network – Food Network features cooking shows and reality programming related to cooking and food.

FOX Business – FOX Business is FOX’s finance news network. FOX News – FOX News airs 24/7 news programming.

Freeform – Formerly ABC Family, Freeform airs programs like Shadowhunters and Pretty Little Liars.

FS1 – FOX Sports 1 is FOX’s answer to ESPN. It airs live sports and sports news programming.

FS2 – FOX Sports 2 offers more sports and sports news programming. FX – FX airs original series like Archer.

FXX – FXX airs similar content to FX. Programming includes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (which moved from FX) and Man Seeking Woman.

HGTV – HGTV airs lifestyle programming about homes, including shows about fixer-uppers, house hunting, and flipping houses.

HLN – This news network airs news programming. It focuses on social media, opinion pieces, and tabloid-style crime programming.

Investigation Discovery – Investigation Discovery airs documentaries and documentary series focused on crimes, violence, and unsolved mysteries.

MSNBC – MSNBC is NBC’s political news and commentary channel.

National Geographic Channel – The National Geographic Channel airs programming related to science, nature, history, and culture.

NBCSN – NBCSN is NBC’s sports channel. It airs live sports and sports news programming. NBCSN targets NHL hockey and Premier League soccer fans in particular.

NECN – News, weather, and more with a New England focus.

OWN – OWN is the Oprah Winfrey Network and, as you might imagine, focuses on talk shows. It also airs movies and documentaries.

Oxygen – Oxygen targets women viewers with reality TV, original series, and movies.

Pop – Pop focuses on pop culture and entertainment. It airs reality series and syndicated shows.

Science Channel – A sister channel to the Discovery Channel. It focuses on science and nature programming.

Syfy – Syfy airs science fiction series and movies, as well as horror, fantasy, and reality programming.

TBS – TBS airs original series, mostly comedies. It also covers some sports, including baseball games and college basketball.

Telemundo – This Spanish-language network airs telenovelas, sports, and more. TLC – TLC focuses on lifestyle programming and airs mostly reality shows.

TNT TNT airs original series as well as some sports programming, including NBA basketball.

Travel Channel – The Travel Channel airs reality shows and documentaries about world travel.

TruTV – TruTV airs reality shows and comedy series. It also airs games during the NCAA basketball tournament.

USA Network – USA airs original programming, including a lot of action and drama series.

WE tv – WE tv features reality programming and syndicated series. Once aimed exclusively at women, the channel is now engineered for a broader audience.

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