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FRANKLINTON – West Bladen’s girls tallied 16 points Friday in the NCHSAA Class 2A MidEast Regionals. East Bladen’s girls totaled 6 points. The Knight boys scored 4 points and the Eagle boys followed with 3 points.

The Lady Knights 4×200 meter and 4×100 meter relay teams of Kiera Lewis, Shanyla Hunter, Azillyah McDonald and Trinity VanEyken captured 7 points with a 4th place finish in the 4×200 and a 7th place finish in the 4×100. Junior Harmony Jacobs added 3 points with a 6th place finish in the shot put.

VanEyken, a junior, picked up 4 points with 7th place finishes in both the 100 meter and 300 meter hurdles. McDonald, a senior, was 8th in the 100 meter hurdles and freshman Tahlila Bethea was 8th in the high jump to net 1 point each for West.

The Lady Eagle 4×100 meter and 4×200 meter relay teams scored 3 points each with 6th place finishes. Both relay teams are composed of Trinity Kemp, Ariel Cromartie, Sabara McLean and Zykeria Bowen.

In the boys events, senior Gary Parker claimed 3 points for West Bladen with a 6th place finish in the discus, and the 4×100 meter relay team of Tydrick Stewart, Malijah McKoy, Stefane Jessup and Messyah Whitted added a point with an 8th place finish.

The East Bladen 4×200 meter relay team of Chace Butler, Jayden Dailey, Matthew Kemp and Omarion Atkinson tallied 2 points with a 7th place finish. Senior Jadon Pridgen added a point for the Eagles with an 8th place finish in the discus.

The times, distances and finishes for all of the Bladen athletes who reached the regional event finals follow:


4×100 Meter Relay – 8th West Bladen (Tydrick Stewart, Malijah McKoy, Stefane Jessup, Messyah Whitted) 44.45; 11th East Bladen (Chace Butler, Jayden Dailey, Matthew Kemp, Tevin McLean) 45.16

4×200 Meter Relay – 7th East Bladen (Chace Butler, Jayden Dailey, Matthew Kemp, Omarion Atkinson) 1:34.33; 11th West Bladen (Tydrick Stewart, Messyah Whitted, Stefane Jessup, Malijah McKoy) 1:40.09

4×400 Meter Relay – 9th West Bladen (Travis Baxley, Jordan Underwood, Shaun Barkley, Deyon McDonald) 3:45.02; 15th East Bladen (Chace Butler, Blaine Pope, Zachary Metz, Tevin McLean) 4:09.67

Long Jump – 12th Messyah Whitted (WB) 18’11.5”; 13th Omarion Atkinson (EB) 18’3.5”

Triple Jump – 10th Travis Baxley (WB) 37’0”; 13th Tyreon Graham (EB) 36’0”

Discus – 6th Gary Parker (WB) 122’9”; 8th Jadon Pridgen (EB) 119’5”

Shot Put – 13th Jadon Pridgen (EB) 35’1”


200 Meter Dash – 11th Trinity Kemp (EB) 28.15

3200 Meter Run – 11th Adairis Jimenez (WB) 18:21.99

100 Meter Hurdles – 7th Trinity VanEyken (WB) 17.37; 8th Azillyah McDonald (WB) 18.94

300 Meter Hurdles – 7th Trinity VanEyken (WB) 51.04

4×100 Meter Relay – 6th East Bladen (Trinity Kemp, Ariel Cromartie, Sabara McLean, Zykeria Bowen) 52.9; 7th West Bladen (Shanyla Hunter, Kiera Lewis, Trinity VanEyken, Azillyah McDonald) 52.91

4×200 Meter Relay – 4th West Bladen (Kiera Lewis, Shanyla Hunter, Azillyah McDonald, Trinity VanEyken) 1:50.92; 6th East Bladen (Trinity Kemp, Zykeria Bowen, Ariel Cromartie, Sabara McLean) 1:53.89

4×400 Meter Relay – 9th East Bladen (Ariel Cromartie, Sabara McLean, Trinity Kemp, Naihena Leach) 5:20.12

High Jump – 8th Tahlela Bethea (WB) 4’6”

Long Jump – 10th Shanyla Hunter (WB) 15’9”; 11th Kiera Lewis (WB) 15’5”

Triple Jump – 11th Naihena Leach (EB) 27’1.5”; 12th Savanna Howell (EB) 25’6”

Shot Put – 6th Harmony Jacobs (WB) 28’0”

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