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CONCORD – The North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association (NCISAA) announced Friday that it still plans to play sports, including football, this fall. Harrells Christian Academy is an NCISAA member.

No fans will be allowed at any games – either indoors or outdoors – at this time. The big change was that football games can be played beginning on September 21. NCISAA football practices will start on September 8.

Low risk sports (cross country, girls tennis, girls golf) can begin playing games during the week of September 8.

Volleyball, boys soccer and field hockey are considered moderate risk sports and games and scrimmages for them will begin the week of September 14.

The NCISAA has also approved an alternative season option that will allow member schools who do not want to play sports this fall to play them between February 22 and April 19. All schools are required to follow NCISAA minimum standards for safety.

All of the dates listed above are subject to change due to the pandemic.

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