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Elizabethtown – Tuesday, October 10, 2023, the Bladen County Democratic Party hosted a “Meet-And-Greet” for Chairwoman Anderson Clayton of the North Carolina State Democratic Party. Over 60+ supporters of the local Bladen County Democratic Party came out to welcome the State Party Chair at the Paul R. Brown Building on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive in Elizabethtown.

The keynote speaker, Chairwoman Clayton shared her plan to increase Grassroots efforts in rural counties such as Bladen as she travels the state meeting Democrats. Her platform message was focused on Democrats coming together, being well informed of the changing voting laws, and preparing to work in the voting process of getting Democratic candidates elected. She stated “we must start now with training, knocking on doors, and  making donations to support candidates!” Local elected officials including Bladen County Commissioners and Bladen County Board of Education attended the event as well as the 7th Congressional District Chair and representatives of the North Carolina African American Caucus.

Democratic candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture, Sarah Taber also addressed the group. Bladen County Democratic Chairwoman, Althea Weaver thanked everyone for coming to meet and greet the NCDP Chair Clayton and received pertinent information while fellowshipping with excellent food elements. Special thanks to the youths for their exceptional involvements and to Paul R. Brown Building/Bladen County Youth Focus for hosting the event.

Photo Attached
L to R
Dwight Sheppard, Bladen County 1st Vice Chairman
Kimbre Esters, Bladen County 2nd Vice Chairwoman
Althea Weaver, Bladen County Chairwoman
Sarah Taber, Democratic Candidate NC Commissioner of Agriculture
Anderson Clayton, NCDP Chairwoman
Rachel Mitchell, Bladen County Secretary
Gloria Purdie, Bladen County Treasurer

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