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A Staff Report

On Sunday, December 3rd, 2023, at 4:00 PM, the historic Old Trinity Methodist Church ushered in the Advent season with its annual “Hanging of the Greens” service. This cherished tradition marks the beginning of the Advent season. It highlights the enduring importance of Old Trinity Methodist Church within the community and the wider context of Trinity Methodist Church and the Global Methodist Church Conference.

Old Trinity Methodist Church, affiliated with the Global Methodist Church, holds a special place in the hearts of its congregation and the community. Lin Weeks, Chair of the Old Trinity Methodist Church Committee, expressed the Church’s commitment to the community in a letter, stating, “We plan to continue providing services periodically that will be available to the entire community, such as the Easter Sunrise service, Mid-week Lenten Service, and the Hanging of the Greens Service during Advent. The Church is also available for weddings and funerals.”

The Old Trinity Church building, now under the stewardship of Trinity Methodist Church, a member of the Global Methodist Church Conference, carries with it a rich history and heritage. Located on East Broad Street in Elizabethtown, it stands as a testament to the enduring faith of its congregation. However, maintaining such a historical treasure comes with responsibilities, including caring for the cemetery, performing necessary building maintenance, and addressing repairs.

For several years, the dedicated Old Trinity Church Team has been tirelessly working to restore the exterior of the church building to its original, grand state. Recent efforts saw the team’s unanimous decision to install vinyl siding on the exterior and replace windows with D2:50 type windows. These carefully considered upgrades not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the Church but, more importantly, serve to preserve the integrity of the 1848 building for generations to come.

The Hanging of the Greens service carries a symbolic message, signifying the eternal life that awaits when Christ returns, bringing resurrection to the departed and granting the righteous entry into a new, everlasting creation. At Old Trinity Methodist Church represents more than just the start of the Advent season; it symbolizes a deep and abiding connection between faith, community, and heritage.

As this historic Church continues to stand as a witness of faith and hope, it also calls upon its congregation and the broader community to support its ongoing efforts to preserve the past while embracing the future. The legacy of Old Trinity Methodist Church, intertwined with Trinity Methodist Church and the Global Methodist Church Conference, remains a source of inspiration for all who seek solace, tradition, and a sense of belonging within its hallowed walls.

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