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Opinion: Love Thy Teacher

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Bladen County Community, please pay attention because this is probably going to be the most heart felt article I will write in this series of “It Takes the Entire Village”. I say Love Thy Teacher because throughout these trying times, one of the most underrated professionals is that of our teachers. I know other professors have been at the forefront of this pandemic, so I am not disregarding those hard working folks. They deserve even more credit than teacher but just stop for a minute and think about what we have asked of our teachers over the past 12 months. I know everyone is not a fan of teachers and all teachers are not perfect, that is not the point I will be making. My point is most teachers in Bladen County Schools have done what has been asked of them day in and day out under the most trying situations. We really should Love Thy Teacher, simply because we asked them, back space back space, we directed them to go from teaching one way to teaching three different ways all at the same time. No one asked for their input, no one asked about their capabilities and no one certainly increased their pay for the additional
duties we unceremoniously bestowed upon them.

We all know our kids, some are model students and some are not but teachers love them just the same. Needless to say, teachers, for the most part want all students to be successful in school and in life. Teachers are required to teach students who choose to return face to face, teach students who choose to remain virtual and teach students who
have no access to the Internet. That’s a lot to ask of anyone, let alone a person who for all intents and purposes are sorely underpaid and most times underappreciated. This just solidifies my belief that teaching is a calling more so than a job. You have to truly love teaching to continue to return to face the same humongous challenges every day. When students walk into the school and see that favorite teacher, their entire face lights up. I wonder why is that? What causes that little 3rd grader to love a person they just met so much. I’ll help you answer that question. It’s because kids big and small know when someone really cares about him or her and his or her well-being.

The great thing about our teachers in Bladen County Schools is that you rarely hear any of them complain. Sure, they vent a little and blow of some steam from time to time but the next day just take a peak inside their classrooms. They are happy as can be and just teaching away with the biggest smile you ever seen on their faces. I am still amazed at the courage they show to muster the strength to make it another day. Love Thy Teacher because everyone needs encouragement from time to time. So the next time you see a teacher and we all know who the teachers are in our great community, tell them thank you for staying the course through these trying times. I know I will, will you join me.

Trey Johnson

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