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Elizabethtown NC – According to A Shelter Friend, a local rescue group, Rufus, a stray Bladen County dog, in desperate need of assistance and deserves a second chance. He is a homeless dog and wandered into the wrong yard. The resident’s dog attacked him. Rufus retreated into the woods and was not found until more than a week later. 

The group reported that Rufus somehow found the strength to crawl out of the woods. Bladen County Animal Control contacted A Shelter Friend, and they are tirelessly trying to save his life. 

The group said on their Facebook page, “A shelter Friend and the vet clinic were in shock to see a dog still alive looking like this. He is severely wounded.” The normal procedure would be for the animal to be euthanized because of the extensive wounds. However, many think that a dog that fights so hard to survive deserves a chance! 

Rufus is still very weak and underweight according to the rescue group. They said, “He is eating a gruel of wet food. Dr. Gensel is worried about the eye as one eye has not opened at all. He may end up loosing that eye.”

Donations for his care may be made by calling the Elizabethtown Vet Hospital at: 910-862-3000, or on A Shelter Friend’s website. The donate button is towards the bottom of the page at: www.ashelterfriend.org/.