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This Day In History1794 – 1st US textile machinery patent granted to James Davenport, Philadelphia.

1803 – Chief Justice John Marshall declares that any act of U.S. Congress that conflicts with the Constitution is void.

1849 – In New York City, James Knox Polk becomes first serving US President to have his photograph taken (by Mathew Brady)

1876 – Alexander G. Bell & Elisha Gray apply separately for telephone patents Supreme Court eventually rules Bell rightful inventor.

1899 – US Congress begins using voting machines.

1907 – 1st US foxhound association forms in NYC.

1919 – United Parcel Service forms.

1929 – Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago, 7 gangsters killed, allegedly on Al Capone’s order.

1941 – One millionth vehicle traverses the NY Midtown Tunnel.

1954 – Senator John Kennedy appears on “Meet the Press”

1962 – US 1st lady Jacqueline Kennedy conducts White House tour on TV.

1971 – Richard Nixon installs secret taping system in the White House.

1978 – 1st “micro on a chip” patented by Texas Instruments.

1980 – US launches Solar Maximum Mission Observatory to study solar flares.

1989 – World’s 1st satellite Skyphone opens.

1990 – Space probe Voyager 1 takes photograph of entire solar system.

1991 – NL Cy Young winner Doug Drabek wins record $3 million salary arbitration.

1998 – Authorities in the United States announce that Eric Robert Rudolph is a suspect in an Alabama abortion clinic bombing.

2008- Northern Illinois University shooting: a gunman opened fire in a lecture hall of the DeKalb County, Illinois university resulting in 24 casualties; 6 fatalities (including gunman) and 18 injured.

2018 – Ex-student Nikolas Cruz guns down 17 people at Majority Stoneman Douglas High School, Florida before being captured.

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