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1874 – American inventor Joseph Glidden patents barbed wire.

1896 – 1st US absentee voting law enacted by Vermont.

1903 – Clyde Coleman of NYC patents automobile electric starter.

1932 – In Washington, D.C., the FBI Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory (better known as the FBI Crime Lab) officially opens.

1941 – US troops land on Suriname to protect bauxite mine.

1950 – “Guys & Dolls” opens at 46th St Theater NYC for 1200 performances.

1950 – UN troops begin an assault intending to end Korean War by Christmas.

1954 – Air Force One, 1st US Presidential airplane, christened.

1957 – Cleveland Brown’s fullback Jim Brown sets club record of 237 yards rushing.

1966 – The Beatles began recording sessions for their album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”

1969 – Lt William L. Calley charged with massacre of over 100 civilians in My Lai Vietnam in March 1968, ordered to stand trial by court martial.

1971 – American “Dan Cooper” hijacks plane, extorts $200,000 ransom before jumping out of plane over Washington State, never seen again.

1976 – Reds Joe Morgan wins his 2nd straight NL MVP Award.

1980 – “9 to 5 and Odd Jobs” 23rd studio album by Dolly Parton is released.

1991 – 1st international flight from Long Island’s MacArthur Airport (to Mexico)

1991 – Monica Seles sets female tennis record, winning prize money of $2,457,758 in a year.

1993 – Brady bill passes establishing 5-day waiting period for US handgun sales.

2012 – The continued NHL lockout results in all games to December 15 being cancelled.

2014 – A 12-year-old boy is shot dead by police in Cleveland, after brandishing what turned out to be a fake gun in a playground.

2019 – Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announces a late-bid to be the US Democratic presidential candidate.

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