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This Day In History1777 – British General William Howe occupies Philadelphia during American Revolution.

1787 – Constitution submitted to US states for ratification.

1852 – George L. Aiken’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” premieres in Troy, NY.

1855 – George F. Bristow’s “Rip Van Winkle”, 2nd American opera, opens in NYC.

1864 – Jesse James’ gang surprise attack train: 150 killed.

1892 – Book matches are patented by Diamond Match Company.

1903 – Wreck of the Old 97, a train crash made famous by the song of the same name.

1908 – Henry Ford’s first Ford Model T automobile leaves the Piquette Plant in Detroit, Michigan.

1919 – Democratic National Committee votes to allow female members.

1928 – The Nationalist Republic of China is recognized by the United States.

1937 – 1st Santa Claus Training School opens (Albion, NY).

1947 – “Sweethearts” closes at Shubert Theater NYC after 288 performances.

1954 – Steve Allen’s “Tonight Show” premieres.

1962 – Rachel Carson publishes ‘Silent Spring’ about the deleterious pesticide use in the US on the environment.

1979 – US Congress’ final approval to create Department of Education.

1988 – Senate votes for major federal tax code changes.

1989 – Sony purchases Columbia Pictures for $3.4 billion cash.

1990 – Senate Judiciary committee approves Souter’s Supreme Court appointment.

2001 – At its two-day meeting in Vienna, OPEC decides to keep its production quotas unchanged at 23.2 million barrels per day, despite crude oil being at its lowest price levels since 1999.

2008 – Greg Maddux wins his final start of his career (#355).

2015 – A “Supermoon” coincides with a lunar eclipse creating a “Blood Moon” over much of the earth.

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