• 1:45 pm Library holiday hours in observance of Memorial Day
  • 1:31 pm Smithfield receives a Rising Steward Award
  • 1:15 pm Baldwin Branch Presents Clothes Closet and Food Pantry
  • 12:45 pm Nine N.C. Airports Receive Funds for Safety, Development Projects
  • 12:36 pm CresCom Bank Welcomes New Team Members
This Day In History

This Day In History1639 – 1st American log cabin at Fort Christina (Wilmington, Delaware).

1760 – NY passes 1st effective law regulating practice of medicine.

1809 – 1st US steamboat to make an ocean voyage leaves NY for Philadelphia.

1847 – Chicago Tribune begins publishing.

1869 – ‘Agnes’ arrives in New Orleans with 1st ever shipment of frozen beef.

1902 – Patent for window envelope granted to H F Callahan.

1905 – 1st forest fire lookout tower placed in operation, Greenville, Me.

1924 – 1st political convention broadcast on radio – Republicans at Cleveland.

1939 – MGM cartoon character Barney Bear debuts.

1944 – Joe Nuxhall, 15, of Cincinnati Reds is youngest player in major league.

1955 – 1st separation of virus into component parts reported.

1963 – US Equal Pay Act signed into law by President John F. Kennedy.

1977 – Apple Computer ships its first Apple II computers.

1982 – “Taxi” last airs on ABC, moves to NBC in the fall.

1985 – Coca Cola announces they’d bring back their 99-year-old formula.

1990 – 8th Seniors Players Golf Championship: Jack Nicklaus

1992 – Satellite Intelsat K launched.

1996 – Intel releases 200 MHz Pentium chip.

2003 – The Spirit Rover is launched, beginning NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover mission.

2013 – 3rd Critics’ Choice Television Awards: The Big Bang Theory wins Best Comedy Series, Breaking Bad & Game of Thrones win Best Drama Series (tie).