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Thoughts While Shaving

It’s a good thing we can’t control the weather….If we could, guess weekends would not be our favorite time for rain….But, we are not in control….and rain sure can ‘mess up’ plans, but is needed.  The forecast for today is for more rain, mainly after 10 AM.  High in the mid 40s.  North wind 17 to 22 mph with gusts as high as 32 mph and a 90% chance of rain.  New amounts expected to range between a half to three quarters of an inch.

Bottom line, if you plan to attend an event today, and are in doubt, call ahead if you have contact info.

Thanks to all who responded to my recent birthday.

Yesterday, my bride and I had the pleasure of joining 19 others for a day long trip to Myrtle Beach to the Carolina Opry…The Christmas Show was great, enjoyed time with old friends, hopefully made some new friends, enjoyed great food….but as forgetful as ever.

My birthday was Thursday, one son drove several miles to join our family outing, then returned home, roundtrip…mmm 150 to 200 miles….Yesterday while at Myrtle Beach, as usual, checked messages and realized same son and his spouse of 32 years were celebrating their anniversary…..felt about 6 inches tall….It’s what happens more often after you reach 80 or more years of age….I have written it on my 2020 calendar…hopefully will do a better job of remembering next year.

Had calls from both grandchildren on my birthday….makes me feel about 10 feet tall.

Son #2 will visit today…..and we will enjoy his company for a few hours..  We are fortunate parents and grandparents.

Thoughts today about family…no apologies..

Had a dream last night that I won a big lottery and I was preparing for huge changes in my simple life style.  Was asking folks to help set-up a not-for-profit organization…settled on a few names…needed legal assistance…Then woke up…kinda relieved that I had not won.   Don’t get me wrong, if I were to win, I would accept…but must purchase a ticket first….seldom do that… and changing my lifestyle would be a tough task.

Only dead fish go with the flow…..

Life is like a staircase, you have to go up each step to reach the top.

Beyond the fog lies clarity.

robert g hester


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