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Thoughts While Shaving for August 8

Leaders in both political parties are seeking a candidate or candidates to file for the open seat on the Bladen County Board of Commissioners … (the Russell Priest seat). I mentioned recently that the current board will appoint a Democrat to serve til the first Monday in December … (Priest was a Democrat), however the most interest is who will win in the General Election … that will determine which party controls the majority.

Only in recent years have the R’s been in control. If memory is correct, the first Republican in my lifetime to be elected to the Board was Billy R. Pait, and he was the only one for many years…

I checked back, 50 years ago … Members of the Bladen County Board of Commissioners … J.S. Singletary of Clarkton (Chairman), Edd Nye of Elizabethtown, Carl Suggs of Bladenboro, and Madison S. Lewis who lived in the Hickory Grove Community, near Garland.

I had the pleasure of serving for 8 years beginning in 1974 … served the first 2 years with C.E. (Edgar) Stevens Jr. of Carvers Creek, Robert G. (Bobby) Roberts of Dublin, William A. Butler of Bladenboro and W. Vance Clark of Elizabethtown. Mr. Stevens was Chairman.

Looking back, the only survivors of those 2 boards are Edd Nye and myself … others are deceased as well as the county’s first Administrator, Doug Evans Sr. Prior to Evans, if memory is correct, the Finance Officer acted as the person in charge…

A Bladen County history lesson…

What’s the difference between baseball and politics? In baseball you’re out if you’re caught stealing…

A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well.

I remember when Halloween was the scariest night of the year. Now, it’s Election Night.

robert g hester

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