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September 17th, 1976, Dawson Singletary in his bulk tobacco barn was featured in The Southeastern Times. Tobacco has been an essential part of the state’s economic and social history for three centuries.

The leaf supported thousands of families for many generations and helped create cities, support universities, and build hospitals across the state, according to the State of North Carolina’s website. The traditional tobacco barn has long been symbolic of the crop’s significance in Tar Heel life.

The last quarter of the 20th century brought enormous changes in North Carolina’s tobacco industry, including the way that farmers cure their tobacco. Modern bulk curing systems have made every traditional flue-cure tobacco barn in the state obsolete, and the abandoned barns are rapidly disappearing.

Celebrate Tobacco Barns is a simple web site to commemorate the importance of tobacco in North Carolina history and to encourage the selective preservation of old tobacco barns and other agricultural traditions in North Carolina. We also welcome input from other tobacco growing regions.

The Southeastern Times was a local news paper for Bladen County owned and operated by Mr. Norgie Hester in the 1970’s to 1980’s.

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