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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Yesterday, U.S. Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC), member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, attended a hearing regarding the MS-13 gang and its role in illegal immigration along the southern border.

Senator Tillis on need to effectively secure the border:

“I think if we, up here, listen to what the Border Patrol are saying, there’s a way to secure the border. And there’s a way to do it that will make the officers operate in a safer environment. And I think that we need to dispense with the ‘we don’t need borders, we need bridges’ discussion at one end of the spectrum, and the other end of the spectrum that says that ‘we need to build a structure that can be viewed from outer space.’ There is a happy medium that the experts on the ground have said through people, technology, and infrastructure… that can make Border Patrol Agents more safe.”

Senator Tillis on addressing the humanitarian problem at the southern border:

“It would seem to me that to the extent that we put people, technology and infrastructure on the border, we’re not only addressing a national security problem, but we may also be addressing a humanitarian element in terms of limiting the amount of human smuggling that’s occurring that ultimately get into drug trafficking, human trafficking, prostitution, and other things that occur that create the currency that MS-13 uses to run their organization.”

Senator Tillis on viable solutions at the southern border:

“We have to implement policies that make it more likely that people in the communities feel safer working with law enforcement. We have to implement policies that let Homeland Security get into every jail in the United States and investigate more thoroughly the criminal enterprises that these TCOs [Transnational Criminal Organizations] represent. And we have to implement policies that are reasonable and respectful for illegally present children. That’s how you start solving this problem.”