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Top 5 things to be thankful for from SBA

Contributed by from the Bladen Small business Center

While there has been quite a few things that have set individuals, companies, and more back this year including natural disasters and more, there is always something to be thankful for.

Here is our top five things to be thankful for! 

5. Between FEMA, SBA, and the NC Rural, millions of dollars became accessible to business owners in the region impacted by both Matthew in 2016 and Florence this year. 
4. Since starting as Director of the SBC in 2012, we’ve documented direct work with over 100 clients in the county. That’s nearly 4 hours of travel, prep, and actual sit-down time on average.
3. Bladen Community College has broken ground on two new buildings to help buildup the economic base of the community and started an early college program for high school students on campus! 
2. Blden County saw over 40 million in tourism dollars come into the county in 2017!
1. The business incubator in Elizabethtown should be opening soon with great opportunities for entrepreneurs! 


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