Delane Jackson

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By Charlotte Smith

In July there were two court cases of interest on the docket for Bladen County Superior Court. The two defendants, Delane Jackson and MacKenzie Brisson have totally different cases, but many are asking what has happened with both cases.

The first scheduled case on the local court docket was for Delane Jackson, a former Bladenboro Town Manager. His case was continued on July 8 until September 9, 2019.

Mr. Jackson’s defense attorney, Mr. Butch Pope, requested information from the Town of Bladenboro and the Town supplied the information. However, Mr. Pope asked the Town for additional information on Jackson’s behalf.  At the time of the court date, the Town of Bladenboro had not sent in the additional information Mr. Pope requested.

Delane Jackson

Mr. Jackson is charged with one felony count of obtaining property by false pretenses. According to records while Mr. Jackson served as the Town Manager for Bladenboro, he also served as President of a company by the name of Cygnus.

The Town of Bladenboro paid Cygnus, almost $500,000 for operation of wells and spray irrigation over the course of Mr. Jackson’s tenure as Town Manager. Bladenboro Mayor Rufus Duckworth found documents listing Mr. Jackson’s aunt as the secretary and a former town clerk under Mr. Jackson, Lisa Kelly Porter, as an officer of Cygnus. In 2013, after Mayor Rufus’ findings, Mr. Jackson was asked to resign as town manager for Bladenboro.

In 2014, Mayor Duckworth reported his findings to the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI), which lead to Mr. Jackson’s arrest.

Mr. Jackson maintains his innocence according to reports. The former mayor of Bladenboro and the Town Council knew of Mr. Jackson’s involvement with Cygnus and he had recused himself during the voting process about services Cygnus had proposed to offer the town, according to a public statement given by Mr. Jackson. He added, Cygnus was the lowest bidder and the town commissioners voted to approve the contract unanimously.

Since 2014, Mr. Jackson has held the position as Town Manager of River Bend, NC.

His case has been continued numerous times, according to court documents. The next court date for Mr. Jackson is September 9th, 2019 according to Assistant District Attorney Quintin McGee.

“Hopefully the discovery process will be complete and we can set a trial date and get it resolved,” Mr. McGee said.

The other case of interest readers continue to ask about involves MacKenzie Brisson of Dublin. Mr. Brisson is alleged to have barricaded himself inside a home on Paul Brisson Road in Dublin while shooting at law enforcement officers on November 21, 2017.

McKenzie Brisson Contributed photo

After the shooting stopped, officers sent a robot inside the home in attempt to locate Mr. Brisson. The robot was unable to locate Brisson inside of the residence. Officers eventually found Mr. Brisson inside of a pick up truck in the garage of the home after a six hour stand-off. No one was injured and the standoff ended peacefully.

The case has been on the calendar for case management about every other month, according to court records. Bladen County Assistant District Attorney Quentin McGee confirmed Mr. Brisson’s attorney had an obligation on July 15 and the judge granted a continuance for July 29, 2019. The new scheduled court date should lead to a plea deal or a trial date, according to Mr. McGee.

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